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Appliance Check has the experienced troubleshooting professionals you are looking for. Our technicians are qualified Samsung appliance repair experts.

Are you looking for a reliable Samsung appliance repair service to get your kitchen or laundry appliance working correctly? Or just in need of regular maintenance to keep your Samsung appliance working like new?

Appliance Check has the experienced troubleshooting professionals you are looking for. Our technicians are qualified Samsung appliance repair experts. We’ll restore your broken kitchen and laundry devices and carry out regular service and maintenance calls using Samsung parts.

If you live in the Washington DC area, Appliance Check can fix and service your Samsung appliances. Call our troubleshooting experts when your machine isn’t cooling, heating or draining. We’ll restore the issue and get your Samsung model working like new again.

Appliance Check strives to implement the best service in the Washington DC area to repair your Samsung appliance problems and offer trustworthy Samsung maintenance resolutions so you can use your kitchen or laundry units for longer!

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Appliance Repair Services

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24/7 Quality & Reliable Service

Appliance Check is a leading provider of cost-effective appliance servicing. We understand how appliances work inside out, so no matter what the problem may be, our experienced technicians will fix it.

Samsung Refrigerator Repair

Appliance Check repair experts specialize in Samsung refrigerator repairs in Washington DC. We’re available to service all your Samsung models, including freezers, stand-alone, built-ins, and wine coolers. Our experienced specialists are equipped to correct all your Samsung refrigerator hindrances.

Common fridge problems we fix: The door doesn’t seal, Food spoils too soon in the fridge, Water won’t freeze in the freezer, Ice maker leaks, jams, or clogs, It makes strange banging, noises, Drain hose not draining or frozen.

Is your Samsung refrigerator not cold enough? Or do you find food freezing at the back of the fridge? Our experienced technicians are available seven days a week, evenings and holidays, to get your Samsung refrigerator running like new.

Samsung Washing Machine Repair

Our equipped specialists are available seven days a week, including holidays, for Samsung washing machine repairs. We repair the defects and get your washing machine filling, spinning, rinsing and draining like new.

Frequent washing machine problems we fix: Worn pump seals or valves are leaking, The washer won’t start, Weird banging or noises, The filter needs replacing, Door or lid won’t open or leaks, Unusual or burning smells, Error messages or timer errors, The washer doesn’t fill, won’t spin, or isn’t draining.

Contact our technicians if your Samsung washing machine has one or more of these problems, and we’ll get your washer operating perfectly.

Samsung Dryer Repair

We have current Technical Standards and Safety Authority Certificates and will repair your Samsung dryer promptly.

Contact us if your dryer is experiencing these or any other issues: Plugged in, but the dryer doesn’t work, The dryer turns on but doesn’t spin, Dryer spins, but no heating occurs, Runs, but clothes are damp, The timer isn’t working, Dryer shuts off immediately after starting, Makes odd noises, vibrates, or burning smells.

Do you find your clothes wet and smelly in your Samsung dryer? Do you find yourself washing clothes more than once? Our trained Samsung dryer repair experts at Appliance Check will fix that. Contact us and our technicians will repair your dryer right away.

Samsung Oven & Stove Repair

You deserve a home-cooked meal every day, and if your Samsung oven/stove is giving you trouble, we’re here to repair that! We promise a same-day repair service for your Samsung oven or stove in Washington DC.

If you experience any of these problems: The oven won’t heat, Oven light keeps failing, Self-cleaning won’t clean, Food bakes unevenly, The oven broiler isn’t working, Oven or stove makes weird noises, The oven door doesn’t close properly, Stove element doesn’t heat, The stove element won’t turn off, Stove elements spark

Let the Appliance Check team help you correct the issue. Our courteous customer service agents are available seven days a week, including holidays and weekends, for your Samsung oven repair.

Samsung Dishwasher Repair

Do you need a reliable Samsung dishwasher repair and maintenance team in the Washington DC area? Appliance Check service specialists will put your dishwasher to work like new.

Contact our customer service agents if your Samsung dishwasher has any of the following problems: Dishes won’t dry, Makes unusual noises, It is not draining, In mid-cycle, it stops, The washer isn’t getting enough water, Washer doesn’t start, Dishwasher leaks, It doesn’t clean properly.

Don’t lose valuable time googling “Samsung appliance repairs near me. “ Let our skillful experts fix your dishwasher!

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Frequent Questions

Calling a trained professional to investigate your appliance usually entails a service fee of $100 to $150. This cost covers the professional’s travel and time spent classifying the problem.If you hire our team to fix it, the service call fee will be a part of the repair cost.

When you find your Samsung refrigerator warm but freezer cold, it can be confusing that one part works but the other doesn’t. However, this common refrigerator problem has a specific resolution when you know where to look. Our technician will troubleshoot the issue during the service call. The issues can range from frozen evaporator coils to faulty damper control. No matter what the problem is, we will fix it promptly.